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Featuring Advanced Affordable Protection for about $1.00 a Day

Fill out the request for a residential or a commercial system, one of our agents will contact you within 24 hours...

Protection is a family investment, and HLS makes it possible...

Initial Residential Security System...
* Honeywell wireless w/touch screen.
* Voice messaging.
* Smartphone App optional.
* Automation feature ready.
* We protect 3 entrances.
* One pet immune motion sensor.
* One Wireless Key-chain remote.
* Police Fire Medical panic.
* Ambush codes.
* Phone access to arm/disarm.
* WiFi capable.
* Kids come home page your cell.
* Honeywell Total Connect optional.
* Fire system ready.
* C/O system ready.
* Temp system ready.
* Speaker phone 2 way voice ready.
* Energy control ready.
* ID informs police where the burglar is.
* Up to 30 ID Zones included.
* Installation included.
* About $1.00 a day plus local permits.

Insurance companies will give a policy discount of up to 20% for ONLY professionally installed security systems!


Check out the new Honeywell Total Connect by HLS.

The Optional Honeywell Energy Management feature of the security system can control the temperature when you're away from home, which can save about 10% off your energy bill.

We first became an ADT Dealer in 1996. Clients can choose our faster Honeywell equipped national multiple central station call centers or opt for the more expensive basic ADT monitoring.